The Artisan Workshop

The creation a model of our footwear, begins with drawing on paper, and then progresses along the subsequent phases, where every minor detail is examined with extreme accuracy by our master shoemakers.

This means that each pair of shoes is a unique creation, where craftsmanship and passion in a perfect union exalt an entirely Italian handiwork.


Each patina of our shoes is realized entirely by hand on fine leathers, where they are subsequently painted and polished with creams and waxes, or padded with a sponge or brushed.

An expression of art that is formalized in exclusive and refined creations.

Care of (Caring for your Dario Vis shoes)

Taking care of your shoes is important, because quality footwear must be correctly treated. We recommend you never wear the same pair for several consecutive days It is best to always alternate wear and storage, using cedar wood forms so as to keep the leather of the upper stretched and allow the the humidity created on form to dry naturally. Polishing the footwear is very important to maintain a vivid and bright hue. Always choose quality creams and do not favor commercial ones that can ruin the patina of your shoes.

Beeswax based polishes are recommended for our footwear. First remove the laces and insert the wood form. With a damp cotton cloth remove all the dirt that has accumulated on the upper, and do not omit to clean the sole and the heel with a brush where the cream of matching color will then be applied and brushed to restore their shine.

Once you have ascertained that the leather is completely clean and dry, you may proceed to apply the beeswax-based polish of the most suitable color. Using a brush to spread cream or using another clean, slightly moistened, cotton cloth apply the polish evenly, a little at a time, with small circular movements, with particular care on the toe cap and heel, as they are the two areas most exposed to small bumps or scratches.

With a new horsehair brush, vigorously brush the shoes to achieve the desired polish. Finally, with a very soft cloth you can apply the last touch to make the shoes even more brilliant. It is important not to use different colors with the same brushes and applicator brushes, so as not to damage the patinas of your various shoes. Small tricks that will help a pair of quality shoes last over time.